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Gary Marcus steps down as the head of Uber AI Labs. Now would work as a “Special Advisor”

Gary Marcus - Uber AI Labs
March 8: Gary Marcus, the head of AI Labs of Uber is stepping down four months after joining the position.

In December 2016, Uber acquired Geometric Intelligence, a project of Gary Marcus with his team of 15. Gary, soon after becoming part of Uber, started heading the artificial intelligence team of the company – AI Labs.

On Wednesday, Marcus posted an update on Facebook that he’d be working as a “Special Advisor” for Uber’s AI division.

Great news – I am headed back to my family in New York! I’ve negotiated a new role with Uber as Special Advisor for AI that gives me more flexibility. So proud of the Geometric team – it has been great working with them.

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Marcus hasn’t told anything about stepping down as the head of the AI Labs. This wouldn’t be the first exits from Uber. Earlier, Ed Baker (Product Head), Raffi Krikorian (self-driving car engineer), and Charlie Miller (famous car hackers) also have left the company in the recent times.

In another news, Uber has stopped using ‘Greyball’, a tool previously used to dodge regulators. The tool was used in several countries to avoid Uber drivers being caught by authorities of their unauthorized access to provide services as a ride-hailing driver.

The company seems to be in trouble, especially a former employee published a post about sexual harassment in the company and no punishment system against it.

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