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General Motors GM’s Self-driving Cars Hitting Roads Soon

According to venturebeats, General Motors self-driving cars might be the first batch of self-driving cars that will hit the roads ahead of Tesla, Google and Uber.

GM’s Bolt EV is testing more cars on the roads of San Francisco, Detroit and Arizona. These tested vehicles are expected to grab the self-driving cars market sooner and be available for consumers for the first time in the history.

GM has a fleet of Bolt’s which has covered 180 testing in the above three markets. The tested fleet of vehicles is featured with a software from San Francisco Cruise Automation, once the software and technology is tested, the vehicles are sent back to GM’s Michigan factories to be finally assembled.

Main Features Of The Car

There are multiple cameras and sensors attached all over the vehicle, radar system inside the vehicle detects incoming traffic and send signals to other cameras and sensors to pass on the detection. Light Detection and Ranging sensors (LIDAR) use laser beams to make 3D map of the area while driving.

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“Inside the car there is 10.2 inches digital screen from which you can see your car being driven from birds-eye view—looking at car and all surrounding area, this view is restricted to low speeds, you may not be able to get this view if you move faster.

GM’s Bolt EV can last for up to 238 miles on a single charge, that would make roughly five 40 miles round trips an average American commuter’s distance.

GM says it will keep testing the vehicles to work out the little bugs before it can start rolling it out. VentureBeat says GM plans to release their first fleet as soon as possible which would be in near future in order to gain space from other competitors like Tesla, Uber and Google.

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