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Genius has accused Google of copying its lyrics data


Have you ended up utilizing Google’s lyrics results more than visiting singular lyrics sites? You’re not the only one – and Genius thinks underhanded strategies are included. The organization has blamed Google for not just harming its traffic with its lyrics cards, yet of now and again getting Genius’ lyrics verbatim. The proof is in the punctuations, Genius said. It intentionally shifted back and forth among straight and curved punctuations as a type of watermarking (they commonly spell out “red-handed” in Morse code), and there were allegedly more than 100 occurrences where Google’s lyrics incorporated those precise punctuations.

Google denied anything sinister in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. The company takes copyright “very seriously” and held its sourcing partners “accountable” for honoring the terms to its agreements — it doesn’t create the panels themselves. A key source for song info, LyricFind, told the WSJ that its staff “do not source” lyrics from Genius. Neither Google nor LyricFind has directly addressed the apparent match with some of Genius’ lyrics.

There haven’t been formal activities yet, however, Genius has claimed that Google was both damaging antitrust law and its terms of service. It said it alarmed Google to the announced abuse when 2017. Genius probably won’t have much achievement on the off chance that it seeks after a case straightforwardly, since it doesn’t claim the lyrics- it’s simply permitted to show them.

Regardless of whether Genius’ protest has merit, it’s coming at a terrible time for Google. The web pioneer is as yet pondering the European Union’s effective antitrust cases, and there are mumbles of the US Justice Department preparing antitrust investigation. This could aggravate the circumstance by recommending possible anti-competitive behavior in another region.

Google in a statement has said:

“The lyrics displayed in the information boxes and in Knowledge Panels on Google Search are licensed from a variety of sources and are not scraped from sites on the web. We take data quality and creator rights very seriously and hold our licensing partners accountable to the terms of our agreement. We’re investigating this issue with our data partners and if we find that partners are not upholding good practices we will end our agreements.”

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