Giant LED movie screens are now being produced by LG to replace projectors in smaller theaters

The tech industry is progressing at a rapid pace. With every passing day, we witness something new and innovative. The same is the case with TV products. Different companies have been into the TV manufacturing business. LG is one of the popular brands. There is competition between companies to introduce larger TVs. Reportedly, LG has now come forward with a super-sized Miraclass LED screen. It is speculated that in the near future, such LED screens would act as a substitute for projectors.

As of now, in order to occupy a big spacious area in a cinema or a theatre, a projector is used. But the projector tech s presented with various challenges. They depend on a high-intensity light source in order to generate enough light for images. In this way, a lot of heat is generated. This, in turn, requires a great cooling mechanism in order to lengthen its operating cycle. Besides this, the cooling mechanism need to be placed in a separate space since the cooling is quite loud.

On the other hand, the latest TV product designed by LG is named Miraclass. It is basically a combination of two words: Miracle and class. It is based on small pixels that display edge-to-edge self-emissive LED pixels. The Miraclass screens claim to offer 24-bit color and around 300 nits of adjustable brightness. It suggests that the pixels can be turned down [for non-movie purposes like a corporate presentation].

Presently, the Miraclass TV range is available in four distinct sizes:

  • a 5.1 meter (~16 foot) widescreen [4K or 2K resolution]
  • a 10.2 meter (~33 foot) widescreen [4K resolution]
  • a 14.1 meter (~46 foot) widescreen [4K resolution]

The last size option is the same as is currently offered in medium-sized theaters. Besides all this, it is not that the tech is all set to substitute the huge 79-foot-wide IMAX-sized projection screens as yet.

The Miraclass screen by LG is already available in various theaters across Europe. As of now, the company hasn’t revealed the price. But we can anticipate that it will be quite expensive.