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Github Ranking Shows Java Declined While Microsoft Language Soars

Programming Language

Java has long been one of the most widely used programming languages ​​among developers in a special form of a love-hate relationship. However, those times are long gone. This is also shown by the latest statistics from GitHub.

Microsoft’s developer platform houses by far the largest number of code projects and thus paints a very clear picture of the relationships between programming languages. The data of this year confirmed the trend of the previous year, according to which Python has now stably overtaken Java and has settled more firmly in second place.

At the top, however, nothing has changed for many years: JavaScript is firmly in the lead here. After all, the script language is the basis of almost all web applications and, with the ever-increasing relocation of software to the cloud, tends to attract even more development capacities.

TypeScript on the rise

This ultimately rubs off on the shooting star of the scene: The TypeScript developed by Microsoft only entered the Top 10 in 2017 and has been able to make up three places since last year and fight its way up to 4th place. The developers benefit here from the fact that they have a complete programming language in their hands, which is based on JavaScript. Every code that was written in the popular scripting language is also fully-fledged TypeScript code so that a huge pool of libraries and frameworks was available right from the start.

GitHub itself is still doing very well. When Microsoft took over the platform, there was a huge outcry and numerous announcements that projects and developers wanted to look for alternatives – but that rarely happened in practice. Rather, Microsoft was able to successfully expand GitHub and today there are 56 million registered developers who made around 1.9 billion contributions to over 60 million software projects last year. 72 percent of the 50 largest companies in the world also use the platform for their internal work.