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Gmail Introduced Feature to Disable Conversation View

disable conversation view

Gmail has introduced a long hoped for feature—it now lets the users disable conversation view, in simple words this means that Gmail now permits disabling email threads.

More than 1.2 billion users across the world uses Gmail for sending emails. It is not just used by individuals for sending emails on a personal level rather big organizations also make use of this medium for communication. It is most likely to become part of email conversations that become a big thread soon. With time it becomes the most tedious thing on earth to find one particular conversation from the thread.

After some time, it becomes tough and tiring the pain of scrolling down and looking out for one specific conversation email sent by someone and one just wish for some method to disable the email threads on Gmail. It seems that Google has just heard the prayers of many.

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Gmail’s new feature would soon permit the Android and iOS users of the Gmail application to turn off conversations. They would be able to disable the conversation view and would now be able to view the emails individually that were earlier part of the thread conversation.

The company in its blog post mentioned that in Gmail the replies are all present together as conversations, for making them simpler to understand and follow. However, some users prefer seeing each email listed individually in their inbox rather seeing them all together grouped up.

The feature was earlier available for the desktop version. The feature could be used via the web client by following these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Click on the “conversation view”, then click on “conversation view off” option

If the conversation view is disabled on the web, the conversation view would automatically be turned off on the mobile application too.

The Gmail app users could enable the new feature using the following guidelines:

The Gmail app users could enable the new feature using following guidelines:

  • Open the Gmail app on the phone
  • Tap on “Settings” menu and then click on “General Settings” option
  • Uncheck the box next to it for turning the view off.

Google is still to roll out the feature for all users of the application which would take nearly fifteen days according to Gmail.

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