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Good Guardian App by Samsung receive major UI improvements

The Good Guardian app was previously named Galaxy Labs. According to a recent report, the tech firm Samsung is all set to introduce the January updates to the Good Guardian app. According to the information, the new updates will introduce major UI changes, enhanced features, and much more to the user experience. The highlight of the recent update is the new design for the app’s icon.

When it comes to the icon of the Good Guardian app, is similar in appearance to the infinity symbol presented in mathematics. In addition to this, the icon is presented with gradient colors. These colors provide a nice and refreshing look to the users. Furthermore, some of the suites of Good Guardian will also receive updates. One of the notable changes will be presented to the App Booster suite. Most likely, the App Booster suite will receive a new UI.

Given the recent updates, the App Booster UI interface appears neat. It is quite easier to sue now. Besides this, the battery Guardian suite will receive a new feature i.e., ‘Set the refresh rate for each app.’ On the other hand, the Media File Guardian suite will receive a ‘Check the app that added the file’ feature. Aside from these changes and features, the update will introduce a performance boost as well as stability to the app.

The new updated features are presented with the most recent version 4.1.05 of the Good Guardian app. The updates will be rolled out in a gradual manner. Users can visit the Galaxy Store and search for recent updates. However, the updates can be downloaded in a few regions like the USA, Europe, China, South Korea, and Vietnam only.