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Google adds a Kids’ Dictionary as well as redesigned the Assistant Parental Controls

A variety of content is available on the internet. Technology and the internet make it convenient for nearly everybody to access the content of their choice. But given the quality and nature of the content, every content is neither family-based nor family-friendly. This concern rises specifically when it comes to kids using the internet.

Various tech companies have responded to such concerns. One of them is parental control for various tech products. The same is the case for smart speakers. Well, talking about them they are easy to use. But without parental controls, things can go terribly wrong.

Google has come forward with solutions to resolve the issues concerning smart speakers. It is going to revise the parental controls for Assistants. Thus, providing additional child-oriented responses. This update will enable the users to:

  1. disable some Assistant features
  2. establish downtime hours
  3. restrict the services children can use
  4. block kids from making calls
  5. restrict them to watching YouTube Kids on a Nest Hub

in the coming weeks, the updates will be available on the Google Assistant, Google Home, and Family Link apps for Android and iOS. You can access them from the Assistant settings for your child’s account.

Kids’ Dictionary

At the same time, Google is inspiring kids to ask more questions. It will add a kids’ dictionary to the Assistant. It will help parents by providing age-suitable answers on displays, speakers, and mobile devices.

Furthermore, four new kid-friendly voices are introduced. These voices are slower, as well as more expressive. They fit better with childhood development.

In fact, Google is late to such features and updates. Since Alexa by Amazon already had parental controls. It even helps kids with reading stories. But this is quite an improvement concerning the wider availability of choices in kid-oriented smart devices. Now you can conveniently access a device for your young one without worrying too much.