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Google Adds New Tab Groups Feature In Chrome Browser

Google Tab Groups

Google has equipped the Chrome browser with a new function. Soon it should be possible to group tabs using a colored marker. The feature should provide better clarity, especially for users who have opened many pages at the same time and have interlinks tabs opened at the same time.

If you work with many tabs opened, you should quickly lose track and take a while to find the page you want, sometimes it takes many clicks to find the desired tab you are looking for which consumes more time and let you off track easily. That is why Google integrates so-called tab groups into the browser. With a right-click on a single tab, it is possible to create a new group and to give it a name and a color. The user can also use emojis instead of names.

Groups are marked by color

After a group has been created, any number of additional tabs can be added to the group. The order of the groups and tabs can, of course, be changed later. As Google describes in a blog post, all tabs arranged in a group are underlined with the color of the selected color. This enables the user to see which tabs still belong to the corresponding group, even with larger groups. The tab grouping should not only be integrated into the Windows version but also into the Mac app and Linux application from Google Chrome. The feature was recently released in beta.

of the web browser. The general rollout should take place with the launch of the next stable Chrome version. Chrome 83 is slated to ship next week. However, mobile users still have to be patient. First of all, the feature will only be found in the desktop versions of Chrome.