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Google Announced 11 new product updates for Indonesia

Google today has announced 11 new products for Indonesians during the second annual Google Indonesia event. From Google station to YouTube Go is all impressive, let’s take a look at the products and updates.

1 Google Station

In Partnership with FiberStar and CBN, Google is bringing Google station in Indonesia in order to help improve the internet access. Google partners will install hundreds of fast Wi-Fi spots around Java and Bali over the next year.

2 YouTube Go

The new You Tube app YouTube Go is also coming to Indonesia which lets users run videos while poor connectivity, the app also provides transparency and control over the data usage.

3 Google Assistant in Bahasa language

Google assistant in Google Allo app now understands Bahasa, you can talk to Google assistant in Bahasa language in order to perform tasks on your phone.

4 Shortcuts in search

Tap-able shortcuts are also rolling out in Google search mobile app in Indonesia, people can get suggestions in search terms such as food, drinks, entertainment, movies etc.

5 Health Answers

All in Bahasa, people can now get answers to most common health issues in Indonesia, Google has partnered with local hospitals to detail common health issues, symptoms and treatment of 700 most prevalent conditions. Indonesia would be the first country to receive locally tailored health answers.

6 Waze updates

Lot of improvements are underway in Waze application, new routing feature, reduction in traffic congestion, hands-free Bahasa voice commands, Bahasa navigation with street names, own voice recording for navigation are all the updates would be rolling out soon.

7 Training programs

25000 Android developers are already trained in Indonesia with Google’s initiative, it is getting more intensified and Google aims to train 100,000 developers by 2020.

8 Primer

Google is working with local entrepreneurs in many ways, Google is launching Primer app which will allow Indonesian entrepreneurs to start, build and grow their business. As many as 24 lessons are now available on it in Bahasa which guides through the whole process of entrepreneurship, how to start a business, how to do digital marketing, how to sell products etc.

9 Gapura digital

Gapura digital is the program which focuses on small businesses to bring them online, many people have already registered for the classes during the first three months in seven cities of Indonesia.

10 Womenwill

This is the Google’s program to empower women entrepreneurs, Google already has brought 7,000 women together across 5 cities. Google will expand its Womenwill program in the near future.

11 Google.org grant to ICT watch

Google.org a philanthropic arm of Google is supporting ICT Watch which focuses on supporting smart schools online. Online learning and teaching would be enhanced in the schools through this project.