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Google Assistant will now fill the food order form for you

With this new feature, Google Assistant will do half of the job for you while you are ordering food from your Android smartphone.

Google Assistant

Taking advantage of the online food ordering system, Google is working on upgrading Google Assistant to fill in the contact information and payment details on Android devices once you have found a restaurant via Google Search.

To use this feature, search for a restaurant you would like to get food from in the Google app > select the “Order Online” button on the restaurant’s information card > after selecting your food tag in Google Assistant to complete the order, your Assistant will autofill the order form using your stored information from Google Pay, and Chrome > Assistant will ask to pay >, and your order is placed. Truly an assistant!

Though there are some limitations. The Verge stated that Google Assistant will only be able to help with pickup orders for now. Delivery orders to follow. Moreover, this feature will only work with restaurants Google has partnered with for online ordering. Finally, this feature could only be initiated from the Google app on an Android phone.

If you do not see this feature on your Android device, it could be because you are living outside the US.

Google is also working on other new Assistant features, including Smart home automated routines and a more useful “find my phone” feature for Apple devices, too.