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Google Bans a Large Number of Apps From Play Store For Showing Disruptive Ads

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The Google Play Store is no doubt getting too congested with a large number of Apps being added on daily basis, however, all the apps do not provide great user experience, which is the reason Google has banned a large portion of Apps around 600 from the Play Store.

Google has been cleaning the Play Store from time to time; the company has previously banned many apps that do not comply with Google’s guidelines/policies and value user’s privacy. According to a recent report by BuzzFeed, Google has now banned nearly 600 apps that are engaged in Ad fraud and disruptive ads. Cheetah Mobile is one of the many banned developers on the Play Store.

Cheetah Mobile and DO Global were previously banned from the Play Store but Google only removed its violating apps and allowed the developer to continue with other apps that follow the policies. This time Google has removed all Cheetah Mobile apps from the Play Store and banned the developer from offering mobile ads from Google’s Ad Network inventory.

Google’s senior product manager for ad traffic quality, Per Bjorke, in a statement told BuzzFeed News that “the apps that have been taken down were popular and installed more than 4.5 billion times, those apps targeted English-language users and were mainly from developers based in China, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore. The manager did not specifically mention the names of the apps and developers but he did say that banned apps were either utilities or games.”

Google has mentioned in a blog post earlier that it has developed new technology to protect Android users from apps that show disruptive ads, the company is using AI and machine learning in order to detect apps that show out-of-context ads. The new technology allowed Google to weed out 600 apps from the platform. Google did not mention the apps and developers that have been taken down from the platform, however, after the news Cheetah Mobile, a publicly-traded company in China has seen a decline in share’s value by 5.9%, and the value of the shares is expected to drop further according to experts.