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Google bans Apps displaying ads on the lock screen

Advertising is key for the business of mobile developers. The revenue generated from advertising basically runs the mobile developers business. But for customers, those ads are irritating, annoying and just angers the users. Google has now taken a step to control those ads.

Google has banned applications that show ads on the lock screen. This is not applicable for apps specifically created for the lock screen. Those apps will be allowed to display their ads. On the other hand, those apps that are not designed for lock screen need to be warned. Google has banned them unless they stop displaying their ads on the lock screen.

In short, as per Google  “Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lock screen, apps may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device.”

The apps that are now in trouble include VPN, File explorers, photo collage and editing apps etc. These apps control your lock screen by adding completely irrelevant ads.

For users, it is quite a good news because no one likes ads. If an ad interests you, it is a different thing, but those which just keep popping up irritates any user. Thus this is a good initiative by Google.

Recently Google also announced that soon it will end the redirects ads for the sake of all the users. A redirect ad, is a process through which popup blocking is avoided, a standard feature on all browsers. The ads are on all sites, mostly without the website owner’s permission or consent. Also, they open additional windows and tabs that a user never opened, thus creating more anger amongst internet users.

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