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Google Blocks Chrome Store Extensions Over Fraudulent Transactions

Google has recently disabled Chrome Extension Developers to update or list any new paid extensions to the platform in the wake of fraudulent transactions Google has detected.

The tech giant said that it has temporarily disabled updating or publishing new Chrome paid extensions on the platform in order to protect users. According to a study published in mid-2019, 8.9% of all Chrome Extensions are paid and commercial extensions are roughly 2.6%. On official Chromium Extension Forum Simeon Vincent, Chrome Extensions Developer has posted the announcement which provides more information on the decision.

Google saw a surge in the number of fraudulent transactions carried out under the paid chrome extensions category, the company took prompt action against the activity and temporarily disabled publishing or updating chrome commercial or paid extensions. The temporary halt seeks a long term solution to curb the fraud-related activities on the platform.

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Developers might see rejection for “Spam and Placement in the Store” the rejection could be caused by Google’s decision to disable all the paid extensions. However, you should reply to the rejection and request an appeal to get the app published on Store, you must also repeat the process for each new version of the extension according to Google.

Google has been blamed in the past for not providing enough information to developers on Chrome Web Store. The company has been criticized for handling the Chrome Store developers roughly and not responding to the issues properly.

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