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Google Docs App Gets Native Support For Microsoft Docs

Since the Android apps Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are preinstalled on many smartphones, the Office applications are also used by numerous users. For a long time, it was necessary to convert to import Microsoft documents.

Conversion poses problems

The problem with converting the format beforehand is that, in many cases, the layout of the documents no longer has anything to do with the arrangement of the original Office file. In addition, the file cannot be saved in Microsoft Office format after editing. That changed with an update in April 2019.

However, the native support for Office files was previously only based on QuickOffice and therefore had many restrictions. With the latest version of Google Docs, Sheets & Slides there is the option to edit a Microsoft Office document directly and without restrictions. From now on it is no longer necessary to convert the file to another format or to forego certain features. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are treated like Google files by the apps.

Line spacing adapts automatically

In addition, Google Docs now adjusts the space between two lines depending on the selected font. This has been the case with Microsoft’s Office products for some time. As reported by 9to5google, the update should be delivered within the next 14 days. The installation can be carried out via the Google Play Store.