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Google employees staged a protest against harassment

Google employee protest

Google employees at European headquarters gathered to stage a protest in Dublin on Thursday as part of a global campaign over the company’s approach to sexual harassment.

Similar protests were also demonstrated in Singapore and London, around 500 people walked out of Google’s Dublin campus in cold but they were reluctant to speak to media during the protest.

The organizer Kate kept her surname in secret told people that she organized and coordinated this Dublin walkout “in speaking out against the sexual harassment or misconduct in our workplace.”

She told media that if even one person has experienced harassment it’s important for us to demonstrate that we do not agree with that and it must not happen.

A Google walkout spread over Twitter on Wednesday which called for employees and contractors to leave their workplaces at 11:10 am local time on Thursday to stage a protest.

Google’s stance is very clear on the issue, but there are still concerns over how the US-based tech giant handles sexual harassment cases. Google said last week that it had sacked roughly 48 employees including 13 senior executives during the past two years for such allegations. Google has taken an extremely hard line to such behaviors and misconduct.

However, the protest decision by Google employees came after New York Times report which unveiled the story how Google protected Andy Rubin, the father of Android with $90 million exit package as he faced allegations and misconduct. However, Sam Singer, Rubin’s spokesperson denied the allegations against Rubin and told AFP that he left Google for his own good.