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Google Explains Search Results Based On Previous Searches

Previous Searches Google

Google has revised the search function and equipped it with a few practical innovations. The results are now based on previous queries and are therefore better tailored to the user. Previously, the results were displayed regardless of the last search.

Google demonstrates the difference with an example in relation to the upcoming US holiday Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a turkey recipe and would like to know at a later date how to cut up and serve the animal, all you have to do is enter the term “serve” and not “serve turkey” in the search bar. Google then recognizes the context of the search and shows associated suggestions at the top.

Follow-up questions become more relevant

There have also been improvements to the function that displays further information on a topic. The so-called follow-up questions should soon become more relevant, as the questions also relate to previous search queries. For example, if a person first searches for “turkey” and then for “carving”, the follow-up question “How do I carve a turkey?” faded in. If the user clicks on the question, a short answer to the respective topic is displayed.

The range of functions is continuously being expanded

The innovations will be gradually integrated into the search engine and may therefore not yet appear for some users. In the next few weeks, the features are likely to be available to all users. In addition, the developers at Google are planning to continuously expand the range of functions so that the personalized search will work in combination with more and more terms in the future.