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Google Flights can better plan your trip while saving you costs

Google has launched Google Flights feature in Google search engine to provide users with tips to save money on flights and hotel booking, Google has now updated its Google Flights segment with more flexibility with additional dates, airports, hotel locations which could save you a lot, on the final purchase.

People may find the deals on the internet on their own but that requires a lot of time, energy and effort to finally land the place where you can get the real deal. Most users end up spending above the average amount of their bookings due to this.

Google is simply making it much easier for you to scan all the possibilities from minutes to seconds.

Flights and Hotels

Google helps you playing around with your travel itinerary which could make a huge difference, by changing the travel dates slightly you will see the change in prices accordingly. Almost 40% of people said they can change the dates and are willing to change the dates while planning their trip.

Google Flights will provide you the dates and the rates, busy dates would be highlighted with red and cheapest dates are highlighted in green, you can tap on the dates to see the calendar view. Price graph will let you see the price trends and how they have changed over time. The new feature “Flight Insights” is also available on mobile and would be rolling out to desktop later this year.

You can also view the hotel rates, the feature will provide you cheapest dates on which you should book your hotel room, you can also check the price trends for the hotel to see how the rates have changed over time.

Nearby Airports and Hotels to save costs

There are ten major airports in the surroundings of New York within 3 hours, and London has four major hotels just outside the city including Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and Southend. By changing the departure and arrival airport you can save few bucks. Similarly, saving on your entire itinerary including airports, hotel and dates would give you finally a real saver deal.

Flexibility is the key to saving costs while you plan your holiday, flexibility really pays off and Google will assist you all the way in achieving that.

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