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Google I/O will begin on May 10 in Mountain View

Google I/O is Google’s yearly developer conference. The tech company Google organizes the Google I/O event every year to showcase the most recent and biggest achievements both in software as well in hardware. Some recent pieces of information suggest that the conference for 2023 will begin in Mountain View on May 10.

The news is based on the Tweet of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Reportedly, the company will be holding an in-person as well as an online live stream of all the keynote speeches. Besides this, other activities will also be covered in the online live stream. Where the in-person event is perhaps organized for press and partners only similar to the last year. Besides this, this year, the company has planned to hold the event one day earlier in contrast to 2022, putting it just under 65 days out.

As of now, no official details about the upcoming event exist. Since it has just been announced. Furthermore, the company organizes a separate event for the hardware products somewhere in the fall. So, we can’t expect anything relevant to the next flagship Pixel smartphone. Besides this, we can perhaps get some sneak peeks about the next of Android.

The participants can register for the event via online registration. It has been open since yesterday i.e., March 7. Right now, no information about the panels and under-discussion topics is presented on the live website. However, it is presented with Google’s fun little countdown this year. Well, we will come across more information about the event as the date approaches.