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Google is Stopping Apps from Accessing Data from Other Installed Apps

Google is getting more cautious about its users privacy. The company recently announced that it will restrict apps to access data from other installed apps.

Google is restricting apps to roam around the device in search of other installed apps. The change is introduced in the Developer Program Policy, where it gets harder for developers to let their apps go around the device to find what other apps the device already has.

According to Google, it values its users and the app installed on their devices. The company knows that many apps have sensitive personal data, and it doesn’t want intruding apps to grab this information without proper approval. So the company will limit which apps can access this information.

The company will restrict apps from requesting the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission specifically.

Now, if an app does not meet Google’s new requirements, the developer would have to remove the permission to stay compliant. On the other hand, apps meeting Google’s requirements could use the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission, provided that the developer has signed a declaration form.

This change will commence on May 5, 2021, as informed. By November 2021, the tech giant will require all apps to target API 30 at a minimum.

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