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Google Launched Daydream For Developers

Google has introduced Daydream with an aim to help developers develop high quality mobile VR skills. The goal is to make development process simpler and effective and to provide interactive tools for innovation.

Daydream performance heads-up display was developed to ensure that users can just control the essential performance metrics in VR but also monitor them without removing the headset. Via performance HUD you receive information on frame rate, process memory usage, thermal throttling standing, and platform-specific metric. So it makes it more relaxing for you to know what your requirements are while operating in VR.

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Daydream is made up of elements the display best options for an immersive design.

First important element to make you feel VR experience immersive is mechanics for object manipulation. Through this elements developers can simulate weigh so that they appear lighter or heavier than their original weight.

Second is Constellation menu which aid developers to steer deep information hierarchies in a simplified manner.

The third is the Arm model demo that allows the developer to find the physical location of Daydream controller in VR via mathematical arm models.

You can make alterations in Unity or Unreal editor previews via Instant Preview. Then the developer will find them reflected promptly on VR. You don’t need to collect and reassemble project to see a new alteration.  So efficient and less time consuming development is experienced.

These are major tools of Google Daydream for VR developers.