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Google Launches Android 13 Beta 3.3 With Improvements And Bug Fixes

We are currently in the Android 13 beta and all of us are preparing for the final round of updates. Although the third beta was launched not long ago, there were some issues with the software. Two additional updates were needed to fix them. Google has now released Android 13 beta 3.3.3 to squash more bugs.

We shouldn’t be expecting any more innovative features to be added via the beta program at this stage. It is late in the game, and most of the new features have been released. Google now concentrates on final stability updates in order to wrap up the software.

Android 13 beta 3.3 has been rolled Out

While we can expect bugs and hiccups with beta software, Android 13 beta 3 was quite unique. The software has a few bugs that can really ruin the experience. These bugs are so bad that people cannot wait for beta 4 to be released.

The most annoying bug in the software, however, is the Wi-Fi bug. There’s another Wi-Fi bug that affects Pixel devices. The bug prevented the phones from connecting to Wi-Fi networks. This is a problem because many people use public and home Wi-Fi to access their data.

Another bug can cause strange behavior with your keyboard when you use the app drawer. You can set the keyboard to show up whenever you open the app draw. Then, close the drawer and then open an app from your home screen. The keyboard will appear over the app.

Other bugs include system crashes when using the back gesture and the phone not responding when you plug it into the computer. These bugs will be fixed by the Android 13 beta3.3 update.

Keep checking for the latest update

The update is being released and users should see it soon. You should be able to scan the update if you go into your settings. You can wait for it to appear, then try again.