Google Launches A Site To Answer Most Searched ‘How To’ Questions

It’s quite common for users all around the globe to search on Google with statements like How to fix this or that. Well, now Google has come up with its most searched ‘How To’ Tips.

A site is established by Google that tells users on what, where, why and how you can fix & repair the most common issues you face as per your location.

The top ‘How to’ question was ‘How to fix windows walls and doors?’

So as per the location, the answer was given. Soviet nations can fix their own washing machines, climates with hot temperature require a fridge for survival, North Americans and East Asians need their toilets.

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Other than this, individuals search is related to cooking, dating, fame, money, brands, and health. So mainly questions are like how to cook, how to impress a girl, how to get money, how to increase height so on and so forth.


Some questions are seasonal like how to take someone to prom or lose weight. Then some are irregular and just for a short period like how to deal with a bad grade.

So a data was collected of the most searched question of ‘How to’ do certain things or repair them. Google’s News Lab in collaboration with Xaquin created the site.


Darakhshan Anjum

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