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Google Maps back to China after the absence of eight years

China gets Google Maps back into the country after eight years. Google had pulled its map services out of China in 2010 rather than addressing the government’s censorship requirements.

Now the people of China can access the Google map but not through the same app the rest of the world is using. The iPhone users get an app to access Google Maps and other people can get access via the web page.

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The China-Only version of Google Maps is accessible through the web for all devices. Google also launched an app for Apple devices and can easily be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

As there is no Play Store available in China, but Google may allow Chinese people to directly download the app for Android devices. The same technique Google used for the Google Translate app in March 2017.

Google doesn’t have the mandatory data to do this all on its own because of its absence in China for eight years. If you visit China on Google Maps, you’ll notice that there are a lot of streets are missing on the maps and some of the areas don’t match the recent satellite data.