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Google Maps with Android Auto can now remember parking spots

You can store the location of where you parked your car in Google Maps on iOS and Android devices. This feature is helpful in locations with big parking lots where it’s easy to lose track of where you parked your car. Once you’ve parked your car, open Google Maps on your phone, hit the blue dot that represents your current location, and choose Save Parking to utilize this feature. Although it’s simple to use, Google has now made it even simpler to save the parking location of your car if it has Android Auto installed.

The most recent iteration of Google Maps for Android Auto reportedly has a setting named Save Parking, according to 9To5Google. When you flip the toggle to save the present position as your car’s parking location in Google Maps, it appears once you reach your destination. It appears that you can only use this function while using the app’s navigation, as the new option only shows up on the screen that opens when you arrive at a place.

To reach this toggle without requiring navigation, we wish Google had pinned it to Google Maps on the Android Auto home screen. It is still a helpful function for navigating, though. What happens if you turn on the toggle, proceed into the parking lot in search of a spot, and then park your automobile there is currently unknown. It’s a good idea, based on some comments on the website, to save the location where you parked your car instead of the location where you switched the toggle.