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Google May Release the Second-generation Pixel Stand for the Pixel 6

Google is apparently working on the second-generation Pixel Stand that comes with fans.

Google Pixel Stand

Google is reportedly working on a Pixel Stand that may go with the Pixel 6 device. This stand could be a wireless charging stand.

As quoted by PhoenArena, “Google may release a new Pixel Stand to go with the Pixel 6, per a new report from 9to5Google.”

According to the source, the reporters found some evidence about this stand in the Android 12 Beta 2. They said that the evidence hinted at a “fan-equipped device”, which could be a wireless charging stand.

The device is codenamed “Luxuryliner”. Going back to 2018, Google released a similar device with the codename “Dreamliner”, and it was a Pixel Stand. That was Google’s first-generation Pixel Stand with a maximum output of 10W.

The presence of fans on this new stand could mean a stand with a higher charging speed capacity that could heat up, and these fans would maintain their temperature.

The first-generation Pixel Stand can also turn a Pixel smartphone into a Google Photo frame, alarm clock, Nest camera monitor. We could expect more from the new Pixel Stand.

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