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Google Messages enables users to react with a full range of emojis

It seems like Google is once again playing with its Messages app. It is now thinking to introduce the full range of emojis. Thus, enabling users to react using the emojis. Previously, the app held only a limited range of emojis. Though, this was good. But the update will definitely perform better for the users.

This recent news has been revealed by 9to5Google. It mentions that the update is initially rolling out to a few Beta users. However, the criteria to receive this new update are unknown. But for sure it will require some time. The previous reactions to messages in the chat included thumbs down, thumbs up, a smiley face with hearty eyes, and some more.

If a user selects an emoji to react, he will be provided with an emoji face along with a pus icon. Clicking on the icon will give the user access to a range of all available emojis. As of now, the default emojis are still present in the selection bar. However, whether this will stay as it is, be refreshed with frequently used emojis, or modify entirely is unknown at the moment.

Google is advancing in its strategy concerning text messages. At the same time, it is calling out Apple to not opt for RCS. RCS or Rich Communication Services is a protocol that is in the market for quite a time now. It’s expected to replace SMS. Thus, offering a richer experience. But sadly it hasn’t gained much momentum yet.

However, this is such a slight modification. Though, the company has been serving in the respective sector for quite a long time. It appears like Apple is keen to stick to its own iMessage system. Though, some even claim that the iMessage locks the users in the iOS ecosystem.