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Google Microsoft And Qualcomm Are Against ARM Acquisition

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Last fall, the decision that the US chip company Nvidia won the bid to take over ARM was a surprise. But now there are stones in the way – the competitors, above all Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm, are speaking out against the purchase. Not only US manufacturers, previously Huawei opposed ARM takeover as well.

This is reported by the online magazine Bloomberg from internal sources that are busy with the investigation. Now comes what many had feared: The deal is anything but secure, the competition could still prevent the planned takeover, at least in part. Nvidia is spending $ 40 billion to take over competitor ARM, but the deal, as it was negotiated the previous year, is now on the brink.

Some of the world’s largest technology companies appealed against the deal to the US antitrust authorities. According to information from Bloomberg, this includes Alphabet Google’s parent, Microsoft and Qualcomm.

The deal should be called off

As it is now said, the corporations are concerned about the 40 billion dollar deal and are urging antitrust authorities to intervene. This news comes from an informant who wishes to remain anonymous as the details are covered by confidentiality clauses. According to this, even one of the complainants demands that the deal be called off entirely. It will certainly not come to that. In response to these rumours, Nvidia shares fell as much as 3.1 percent in New York trading on Friday.

Competitors fear that they will not have the same access to technology as before. The takeover would give Nvidia control of one of the most important suppliers that license market-leading chip technologies to companies such as Apple, Intel, Samsung, Amazon and Huawei.

The US agency FTC has already started an in-depth investigation into the $ 40 billion chip deal. When there will be the first public results is unclear – but after the report from Bloomberg, it has now become really exciting what is coming.

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