Google might design the tensor chips entirely in-house

Google Tensor SoC

The tech giant Google is well-known for customizing the products at its end. One such example is the Tensor chipset series. However, when we deeply observe the Tensor chipsets, we come to know that the design of these chipsets is based on Samsung’s Exynos chips. Until now, Samsung has been associated with manufacturing chipsets for Google. However, as per recent pieces of information, Google is aiming to redesign the overall setup and gain more control over its chip designs.

Tensor G3 is developed in collaboration with Samsung for the Pixel 8 smartphones. So, there can’t be any modification now. Perhaps, the company will move to an in-house design strategy for the Tensor G4 chipsets that could be sued with Pixel 10 smartphones. The G4 custom chip design, code-named “Redondo,” might not materialize at all as a result of difficulties in coordination between Google’s American and Indian teams and excessive staff turnover, according to reports. Those plans are also said to have failed.

Such situations might lead to Google and Samsung working together for the G4 generation and Pixel 10 smartphone series. According to some sources, the Tensor G5 chipset has been codenamed ‘Laguna.’ It could be the first ever completely designed in-house chip by Google. It is believed to be unveiled in 2025. Google might consider TSMC for the manufacturing of Laguna chips on a 3nm process.

All these are mere speculations and assumptions at the moment. However, an in-house chip design idea can open many opportunities for Google. In this way, the tech giant will be able to create hardware and introduce advanced smartphone features.

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