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Google must stop Chinese version of Google “Dragonfly” say Google employees

Dragonfly model

Google has been working on Chinese censored version of Google, the project named “Dragonfly”.

It has been reported a few months ago that Google is silently working on the Chinese model of Google “Dragonfly” focusing on a censored and more controlled version of Google to work in China. The reports were earlier classed as rumors because neither Google nor China announced it officially that they are working on the project.

But now various Google employees and other activists have joined hands with Amnesty International to pressurize Google to stop working on the project. The people have signed an open letter to call upon search engine giant to cancel the project altogether.

The decision comes after various human rights activists and media criticizing Google policies and work practices, various media reports have been pointing fingers at Google, so far our leadership’s response has been unsatisfactory, the letter reads.

The letter also clarifies that their resistance to the project has no concerns with China, it is about the modern technologies that are being used as powerful forces to oppress the common people.

Quite recently, a complaint against Google has been filed in seven European countries regarding the GDPR privacy violations, Google was blamed to use location tracking with much of a consent from the users. Google could be fined up to $4 billion if this complaint is upheld by the courts.

The project Dragonfly will give more control to the Chinese government and the government can use it to spread its propaganda more effectively and use the information in their best interests oppressing the common people in China, the letter says.

Many employees expressed their changing views about the search engine giant, they said they accepted the job at Google believing that the company values are parallel to the betterment of the society but the recent developments have exposed the other way around.

It is true that Google has become more and more powerful in recent years but we deserve to know what we are building.