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Google new adwords support html 5 ads and bing app | What Google and bing doing differently

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24-Hour AdWords Support from Google for the whole work week

The Adwords team of Google made it public that they will now provide 24-hour assistance on social media starting Monday to Friday. Answering of the questions will be done in English on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Considering the team’s back and forth response on Twitter, one can only conclude that they are set to respond on questions, providing a reply within a few hours.

The drawback

One of the challenges that this method faces is that on Twitter, their reply is limited to only 140 characters. That means the reply to questions will at times be sent through direct messages. In case there are other people who have a similar question, they are required to answer individually. In the case of a forum, users can easily benefit from the response that Google provides to a certain question without having to ask it for the second time.

However, the AdWord team seems excited with providing support that is required from them- they even at times chip in appropriate humor here and there.

There is also another way with which you can get help from Google on matters related to advertising. You may opt to use “Ask the AdSense Guy” posts series. This method features John Brown, the head of Public Policy Communications. All that the users have to do is tweet their questions to @sejournal by using the hash #AskTheAdSenseGuy.

On a monthly basis, John Brown avail a post that has some of the most popular questions that he has received. The latest publication from him contained recommendations on how one can deal with ad blockers and also advised on mobile ads.

Of late, Google has strived to improve transparency and communication. That can be attested by initiatives such as the ones they have come up with. All we have to do is to wait and see what Google has in store for search marketers as well as SEOs later on in the year.

Google to take up HTML5 Ads in favor of Flash

In other search engine news, Google will let go off Flash and take in HTML5 Ads in the year 2017 January.

Google intends to stop using the ads based on Flash and make use of HTML5-coded ads when in January 2017 sets in, that is still far away but it is advantageous since the advertisers have sufficient amount of time to get ready for the change.

An advertiser should also keep in mind June 30th 2016. That is the date when the Flash format ads will not be able to upload on the Google Display Network. An advertiser who still has Flash based ads has till 30th of June this year to upload them. After that, Google will no longer accept any upload requests from you for the Flash based ads.

Google has also added that one has to update their display before these dates reach. That of course is expected considering the changes that are being made. This change however, does not impact on the videos that have been made in Flash.

Of late, Google has started to see the essence of converting most of its Flash properties to take the HTML5 features. The shift could be seen coming from far especially when the YouTube default format was made.

In the year 2015, Adobe Player was responsible for only six percent of web and mobile video. Flash’s relevance today is still has. It has been implemented in the biggest ad networks in the internet. However, after Google deciding to drop Flash, industry experts say that the format may no longer be viable within 2 years.

iPhone hosts Bing’s App

Another development, quite big in search engine news, Bing has made major announcements related to its application. The Bing app will soon be available on iPhone while its Android version is going to get better upgrades.

One can now go ahead and download the new iPhone app and the upgraded Android app from iPhone App Store and Google Play respectively.

Some of the features that the owners of either device will enjoy include:

  • Ability to compare prices. There is a barcode scanner that one can use to view items from different retailers and compare their prices
  • Get gas prices. The Bing Local and the GasBuddy in the Bing app will help you get the current prices of gas for the pumps close to you
  • Deals have been taken to a whole new level with the Bing app. You can now enter into a mall and then open the app which will immediately inform you of the available deals.

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