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Google Officially Ends Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread

Android has officially stopped using dessert names for a long time, and recently these have been pushed more and more into the background, but most of those who are even rudimentary interested in Android should know Gingerbread. And version 2.3.7 is officially history since yesterday.

Android Gingerbread was first released in December 2010 and includes the versions with the numbers from 2.3 to 2.3.7. Gingerbread is also known because this issue was the first for many smartphone owners to come into contact with Google’s mobile operating system, which was still new at the time.

The seventh version of Android has not been killed until today or until recently, because in theory there are still millions of smartphones that still run with Android 2.3.x. How many of them are actually still in everyday use by people who are not very tech-savvy, however, is difficult to say, but these are probably not isolated cases either.

No more Google login possible

Since yesterday, the chapter on gingerbread has officially ended: Because Google announced in a support article that it will no longer be possible to use a device with Android 2.3.7 (or below ) to log into his account with the search engine giant.

Google: “If you sign in to your device after September 27th, you may get username or password errors when you try to use Google products and services such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps.”

It should be noted, however, that for the past few months and years you could probably only make calls with a gingerbread smartphone. Android 2.3.x has not supported apps or other services for a long time, and from a security perspective, Gingerbread has of course been a huge risk for a long time.