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Google Photos Gets Corrupted

The Google photo service is used by many, which is partly due to the fact that the application and service are preinstalled on most Android smartphones. Google Photos is also more than handy if you want to archive pictures. But now there are strange problems here.

Google Photos, or Google Photos for us, is particularly useful if you take a lot of photos, change devices frequently, or are simply looking for an uncomplicated way to back up recordings. Of course, users rely on the fact that this cloud backup option is secure and, above all, reliable.

Various image errors on Google Photos

But the latter doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. Because of how 9to5Google reported, over the past weekend, numerous users have discovered strange lines and “cracks” and other blurred or distorted areas in recordings that are about five years old and older. Another common “symptom” is white dots on the recordings stored in the cloud.

So far, however, no pattern has been found: It is neither comprehensible why this happens, nor the frequency and severity of the pixel errors, which can often be compared or paraphrased with analog water damage. Apparently, there is no platform on which this happens frequently, because there are user reports from the versions for Android, iOS, and the web – this suggests that the damage is done on the server side.

The damage also persists when you download the file, either by right-clicking or by using Google’s internal download function. Fortunately, the originals of the photos are not affected, the whole thing apparently has to do with the compression in the cloud. The search engine giant from Mountain View, California, has not yet spoken out about this, so it is not known whether Google can do anything about it and what was or is responsible for it.