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Google Photos now have Lens accessible through Al


You never again need to start up Google Photos in the event that you need to utilize Lens to gather information from your general surroundings. Users have seen that Lens in now accessible in Google Assistant on both original Pixel and Pixel 2 cell phones.

How to access Lens through Al for Google Photos?

Tap a camera button while utilizing the AI assistant and you can have it play out a search when you take a photograph. It can recognize what you’re taking a look at, scour the web and launch different applications. You can rate results, as well, so you’ll ideally refine Lens’ outcomes after some time.

The component isn’t generally accessible yet – it might take some time before you see it. There’s likewise no word on accessibility for different gadgets. It’s safe to state this will make Lens more helpful, however, paying little mind to what you’re utilizing. Sometime recently, you needed to snap a shot and afterward change to Photos to comprehend it. Al assistant avoids that progression – you can capture a picture and interpret it in one go.

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Image via Android Central