Google Photos to provide video editing tool on your Chromebook


Chromebooks were a major part of the laptop world, but they were somehow limited to certain aspects of video editing apps that could be used on them. Although for bigger projects people will keep on using advanced equipment, for your videos to get edited in the best way possible, you can have access to the Google Photo app via your Chromebook.

In March of that year, Google introduced its latest video editing features, which allowed you to combine various clips and edit them further by using different filters. Today, the company unveiled its latest editor along with the latest options.

All the features that were available in previous updates, like theme suggestions, are now available to all users. In the case of too many videos, the editor will automatically suggest the corresponding clips to compile and edit. As in the case of lots of pet videos or videos on any other topic, the editor will let you narrow down the best clips.

Along with that, the editor is able to support any local video for editing, other than its size or heavy file. As we cling to art in more creative ways, this editor will be providing you with sound with your clips to make your videos more interesting. Although these sound options will be more generic tunes than those from your favorite Spotify playlist,

As this is a built-in app for Chromebooks, it is easily available on the Play Store even if you have removed it from your device. This news tends to light up the world of people having these devices, as many were on the verge of getting rid of them due to their bad quality and outdated software.

And if you are willing to continue using these devices, you can surely add up some tools like Chromebook monitors or stylus pens to enhance your efficiency.

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