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Google Pixel 3: Price, Specifications & Release Date in Pakistan

Google Pixel phones have gained huge popularity in the past, thus the expectations from Google Pixel 3 are extremely high.

The first question is that when will Google Pixel 3 launch?

The first Google Pixel phone launched on October 4, 2016. Then Google Pixel 2 launched on the same date on October 4th. So we can expect Google Pixel 3 to launch on the same date. Pakistani users will be able to buy the phone after it gets available on online stores, sometime in October or November.

Specifications of Google Pixel 3

What we know as of yet is that there might be three different Google Pixel 3 models for 2018. They are codenamed ‘Crosshatch’, ‘Albacore’, and ‘Blueline’.

As per an expert analyst, Imran Choudhary Google can launch 3 phones but most likely Google will launch two new devices. He said Google will almost certainly look to bring at least two new devices to the market this year.”

There is no complete knowledge about the features of Google Pixel 3 but as per the rumors, it is almost a certain fact that Google Pixel 3 phones will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset.

Furthermore, another chance is that Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL might reduce bezel size on the new upcoming phones.

Choudhary said, “The trend at the premium end is to move to edge-to-edge screens and the Pixel will do well to move in this direction. If the Pixel devices are to really compete with Apple and Samsung at the premium end, it is important the new devices show real development.”

Furthermore, the chance is that Google Pixel 3 phones will have Face ID feature for unlocking the phone.

As Choudhary added, “There needs to be an Android equivalent of Face ID.”

Other new features expected are wireless charging and an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Google Pixel 3 will run on the new latest Android 9.0 software. This new software will be announced by June & most certainly Google’s new phone will run on it.

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Price of Google Pixel 3 in Pakistan

The lowest price of Google Pixel 2 in Pakistan was PKR 92,999. Well, the chances are that Google Pixel 3 might cross PKR 100000 mark.