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Google Pixel Recorder App To Come On Web

Recorder app

Available for now only on Google smartphones launched from Pixel 2, the Recorder application will soon benefit from a web interface. It will allow, among other things, to find the recordings saved from the mobile application.

It is very practical, but its access was until now limited to certain Google Pixel smartphones. It will change… at least partially. The specialized site 9to5Google has spotted the launch of a web version of the Recorder application (or Recorder in good French) introduced in 2019 by the Mountain View giant. By making it directly accessible on the Web, Google seeks to offer more flexibility in its use.

It will indeed be possible to ” share, read and search your audio ” directly from the web interface, explains the firm … but beware, you will not be able to record new audio tracks from your desktop computer, for example. In short, this new feature simply functions as a customer page, at least for now. However, this should make it possible to take advantage of one of the Recorder’s most popular features: automatic transcription. It should be possible to grab the text from the recording and paste it into a simple text editor before you can edit it.

Web Version Is Under Development

It is possible to have a precise idea of ​​the look that this web interface will have by paying attention to the first seconds of the loading of the current page (recorder app not functional for the moment). There are audio controls at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to start playback or pause it, go back by skipping 5 seconds or move forward 10 seconds in the recording. The scan bar is also available, and it will also be possible to adjust the volume.

Google is also relying on one or two-column arrangement of the records, which will likely be deducted from the available space on Google Drive. Finally, it will be possible to share these recordings via a link or to delete a recording directly from the web application.

Still, this interface is not yet available. Google is content for the moment to display a simple message. You will also need to update the Recorder application on your Pixel to allow the mobile and web versions to match. An update that is not yet available, but should make it easier to sync recordings in the cloud.

Logically, the web version of Recorder should anyway be available soon, Google having obviously already finalized in large part.