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Google Play Store is about to introduce two cool features

Google is reportedly working on introducing some cool new features to Play Store. These features include:

  • a feature to allow users to archive unused Android apps to save storage
  • show the download progress on a floating bubble

Individuals at 9To5Google vigorously allowed the forthcoming “Show install progress bubble” toggle in the Play Store’s notification settings. When this feature is enabled, the installation progress of an app is shown in the form of a floating bubble. This floating bubble can be dragged to any part of the screen.  There are a few advantages of this new floating bubble download progress indicator for the Play Store.

In fact, users will always be updated about the development of app installation even if they continue browsing their phone till the app completes the installation. Moreover, it doesn’t require the users to access the description page of the app to find out the actual installation percentage.

Google Play Store will receive the app archiving soon

Another interesting feature being introduced to Google Play Store is the capacity to archive Android apps to save storage space on the device. Given the November updates of the Play Store, Google proclaimed that it will soon roll out the app archiving feature to Android devices. Archiving will enable the uninstallation of an app. Where the personal data for the app will remain intact.

When this feature goes live, it will enable the users to archive an app. When users will get back to reinstall the app, the “Restore” button will be shown on the Play Store instead of “Install.” When the “Restore” button is clicked, the users will be redirected to a dedicated page instead of taking place in the background, similar to traditional app installation. Furthermore, the users won’t be required to sign back into an account. Since everything will be restored back to exactly how it was left.