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Google Play Store now allows Android users to make donations

The latest update of the Google Play Store now allows Android users to make charitable donations to non-profit organizations.

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One of the world’s top technology companies, Apple has already implemented this donation collection system to their App Store years ago and collecting the donations for a single organization named Red Cross.

However, the implementation of this by the Google is not tied to a single organization but it starts collecting donations to support several charities working in the world, not just the Red Cross.

The Android users live in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Taiwan, and Italy will soon be able to make donations to the several non-profit organizations including, water, Doctors Without Borders USA, Girls Who Code and many others as well as the American Red Cross.

If you are an Android user and want to access this feature, you will have to go to this link to read about the non-profit organizations or the information about how to make a donation using the payment card linked to the Google Play Store.

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