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Google To Power Its Dutch Data Center With Solar Energy

The U.S Internet and energy company Eneco said, Google will buy electricity generated by solar park which is based in Netherlands to power up its recently opened data center in Netherlands for the next decade, according to the report by reuters and Bloomberg.

This is a remarkable initiative from the technology giants which focuses on renewable and free source of energy like solar, we are definitely heading towards sustainable environment. The development of Electric cars, driverless cars initiatives by other automotive giants is another step forward.

Tesla also has recently announced a deal with Australian state, to build world’s largest lithium ion battery to back up the state’s power grid and called upon other states to adopt the project in other states as well.

It is in Google’s CSR policy and ambition to switch it’s all data centers and offices into renewable energy this year, the prices in wind and solar power has significantly reduced as well which makes it a good investment and ROI, this will also encourage large organization to follow the example.

According to the contract details Eneco will continue to supply renewable energy to Google for many years, said Google’s EU energy manager Marc Oman.

Netherlands is also committed to boost its renewable energy productions for the country by investing 12 billion euros during 2017 in offshore wind farms.

Google’s data center is based in Eemshaven Netherlands which was opened in 2016 costing roughly 600 million euros, Eemshavan data center is the fourth one which operates in Europe will now be powered with renewable solar energy, bringing down the significant costs of the company.