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Google Pushed Android 12 Beta 3 For Pixel Smartphones

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Google has started pushing Android 12 Beta 3 update to Pixel smartphones, this time the update is an “incremental Beta quality version.” The official recommendation is that developers continue to conduct compatibility testing. The Android 12 Beta 3 introduced API 31 SDK for developers as 9to5google reported, in advance to facilitate early testing.

Moreover, Android 12 Beta 3 comes with a “scrolling screenshot” function, which Google hopes can be used in most standard UIs, and UI apps can be adapted using the new ScrollCapture API.

Android 12 Beta 3 some detailed improvements.

For instance, the front camera can judge the user’s posture to determine whether to automatically rotate, which is a good function for users who are lying down and playing with their mobile phones. Google said that the function will only perform local calculations, and there will be no “store or upload” behavior.

Android 12 Beta 3 adds a new feature called AppSearch, which allows users to perform high-performance searches and index structured data. Earlier, we saw Android 12 beta 2.1 and before that Android 12 beta 2 with a lot of enhancements and improvements, the latest beta is likely to be the end of Android 12 beta and a stable version would likely come out after this.