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Google reached $200 million settlement with FTC

Google will supposedly pay somewhere in the range of $150 and $200 million to end the FTC investigation into whether YouTube abused child protection law, Politico announced this evening. The FTC allegedly cast a ballot along partisan lines (3-2) to favor the settlement, which will presently be investigated by the Justice Department.

The FTC affirmed the fine a month ago, however, this is the first run through the dollar sum has been accounted for. Right now, subtleties on different terms of the settlement are inaccessible. Simply a week ago, we discovered that YouTube is supposedly intending to boycott targeted advertisements on videos aimed for kids. It’s hazy if YouTube’s choice to do as such was identified with the FTC settlement.

The FTC propelled the examination after advocacy groups charged that YouTube violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by gathering information for kids younger than 13. Those protests purportedly go back similar to 2015. This isn’t the first run through the FTC has descended on huge tech organizations for security infringement. Prior this late spring, Facebook consented to a $5 billion settlement. Up to this point, the FTC’s biggest fine for COPPA infringement was the $5.7 million settlement it came to with TikTok in February.

Some have proposed that YouTube disable promotions on all videos aimed for children, and others have called for YouTube to move the majority of its kids’ content to an assigned application. As organizations like TikTok have discovered, it very well may be hard to implement age checks. It’s as yet hazy how Google intends to cure the issue.

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