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Google Redesigns G Suite And Rebrands As Google Workspace

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Google is creating a new user interface (UI) for Google G Suite and rebranding the product as Google workspace.  The idea of the rebranding effort is that “this is the end of the ‘office’ as we know it,” according to Javier Soltero, vice president, and general manager of Google Workspace. Soltero launched Workspace at Google Cloud’s Next OnAir EMEA keynote. One problem with the umbrella brand is that its productivity and collaboration apps may rhyme too much with Workplace by Facebook.

G Suite has been quite successful in the past and Google Workspace hits the ground with more than 6 million business customers. But Google Workspace is in intense competition. For example, applications like Slack are stealing some of the flashes from email. The threat of Microsoft Teams is combined with Microsoft Office 365 is also lurking around. And companies like Zoom can exploit video conferencing into more collaboration applications. Moreover, Workplace by Facebook also has a social enterprise collaborative spin, as per the details.

Google Workspace’s response to these competitive battles has been to ramp Rooms and Meet with a good amount of success. Now with better Mail and Chat integration, Google Workspace is leveraging more integrated experience.

While Announcing Google Workspace in a statement, the company locked all the key targets:

  • Remote workers.
  • Frontline workers.
  • Collaboration inside and outside enterprises.

In July, Google outlined a more integrated experience for what is now Google Workspace. The new look is available to business customers today with consumers, education, and nonprofits getting it in the months ahead.  As for the new user experience, Google might serve as a better workspace, Google Workspace will have linked previews across Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides to you don’t have to switch between applications and tabs. For several actions, there would be more contextual suggestions along with document creation within a room in Chat without switching between the tools. Google Meet Docs, Sheets, and Slides will be combined in picture-in-picture collaboration.