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Google Removes Feature to Book Uber Rides Through Maps

As per reports, Google has removed the feature of directly booking an Uber ride from inside Google Maps and that too without providing any reason.

The feature permitting the users to book Uber rides via Google Maps was introduced back in January of 2017, when Google and Uber teamed up and added this function. This feature allowed users to enter their location, choose their route, then check the Uber prices and finally request a ride within the app without the need of leaving Maps app.

On one of the Google Maps Help page, Google has just mentioned that one can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps, as was reported by the Android Police late on Monday.

As per the report, Uber integration has been pulled out from the Google Maps app on iOS prior than on Android.

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The route could still be looked up in the Maps apps and then Uber could be requested from the Uber app.

It is unclear that why Google has made such move of removing the once-popular feature from its services, however, Android Police indicated that it was there as recently as February.

The ability to book Uber directly from Google Maps app permitted users to completely avoid the use of the Uber official app, which has earlier been under criticism for its aggressive location tracking.

The ridesharing tab in Google Maps app assists seventeen various services, but Uber was the only one ride-providing service where one could pay for one’s ride directly and complete the trip without the need of swiping between apps.

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