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Google Rolls Out New Menu in Google Search with Icons

Google search menu update

Google has started rolling out the new update to its ever updating search engine; the new update changes the top search menu and adds relevant icons to it.

The menu starts with All results which gets the magnifying glass icon colored with Google’s logo theme red, blue, yellow and green, the next is the news icon, then videos icon, books, images and more.

Under “more” menu Google adds personal and finance menus, the personal menu when clicked shows the personal business information and browsing history related to the query.

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When images icon is clicked, Google has added some really interesting features in it, you will see a collection icon on the right top along with the SafeSearch, the collection tab would let you save the images you search in one place and the SafeSearch would allow you to filter explicit images and results.

The tools menu has been changed according to each menu item in a dropdown submenu when it is clicked. For instance, if you click on the news tab and then click tools, it would allow you to sort the news according to your preferences e.g. most recent, past 1 hour, past day, or past month, it will also allow you to grab the news that is more relevant to the search.

Similarly, when you click on the videos and then click on tools, it will allow you to sort the videos and see the results by applying filters from the dropdown menu according to time, duration, quality and source. You may find some other key features while exploring the new search menu, Google will keep improving the search results and user experience in future updates said Google.