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Google signed a $1.1 billion HTC smartphone deal

Google continues its efforts to enhance users hardware experience while the company pioneers the software experience, Google started it hardware journey long ago, the first family of Made by Google products including Pixel Smartphones, Google Home Chromecast Ultra and Google WiFi Daydream view are the most prominent in the market.

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Google is going to unveil its second generation of products by October 4, said Google in a blog post. Google said, “we are excited about our new 2017 lineup, and even more excited about what would be in the store over the next 5 to 10 years, we will create more sophisticated, beautiful products that people will rely on every day, we are investing for the long term.”

That is why Google has signed a deal with HTC a leading company in consumer electronics, according to the deal a team of HTC will join Google for hardware business. Google and HTC already worked in partnership for Pixel smartphone line, now they will be working together to bring in more innovative and exciting products for consumers, the deal also includes a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property.

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Google and HTC nexus had a remarkable track record which brought first ever Android phone in the market HTC Dream and Nexus One in 2010, Nexus 9 Tab in 2014 and the first ever Pixel smartphone last year.

Google is still naïve in the hardware business, the company said we are focused on developing core capabilities in hardware, which could later create a portfolio of products with a delightful experience. This could only be possible by bringing best of Google’s software like Google assistant—with creatively designed hardware.

HTC has been a partner for a long time and has created some incredible high-end devices, we cannot wait for HTC team to join us, said Google.