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Google Started Listing COVID-19 Testing Centers In Search Results

Google’s search for COVID-19 words will now show details for more than 2,000 COVID-19 testing centers across 43 US states, the company says. 

There are other adaptations, too. If you are looking for something relevant to COVID-19, you can now see a new tab “Testing” as part of the details displayed in the COVID-19 SOS message from Google. When you click or tap on that Testing tab, you will see at the top of your search results a range of options about COVID-19 testing.

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Those options include a link to the online COVID-19 symptom checker from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a recommendation to speak to a health care professional if you think you should be checked, a link to your local health authorities’ COVID-19 testing details, and a reminder that you will need to contact a screening center in advance to make sure you will actually get a test. You can also try flex flow covid test here.

Whether you’re in Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, or Pennsylvania, the company says, the Testing tab will also give you information about similar testing centers. That’s because Google is only surfacing test locations that have been certified by health authorities for publishing. For the same reason, Google is only listing a single testing center for the state of New York located in Albany, but the company plans to add more listings in New York soon.

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COVID-19 testing requirements and availability differ depending on where you live, which is why Google uses such tools to point to the local information. According to a Google support document, the testing information comes from “government agencies, departments of public health, or directly from health-care organizations.”