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Google To Stop Email Scan To Serve Better Targeted Gmail Ads

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Google’s email advertising has long been a victim of controversy in which Google had to scan the users email content in order to train their algorithms about the user’s interests in order to show more targeted and relevant ads to Gmail users. But now Google is going to stop scanning emails to show better targeted Gmail ads.

It’s the decision which should have been taken from Google’s ad unit but the decision came from the Google’s cloud team, the team is rectifying their strategy to sign up more corporate users.

Google’s senior vice president of cloud, Diane Greene made it clear to corporate users what Google is going to do and how it can remove their reservations while using Gmail at corporate level.

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This is known that Google’s paid package G Suite for corporate users was already ads free, means it doesn’t scan emails to show ads, but the free version of G suite does. The distinction about paid and free version was not entirely digested by corporations and they had ambiguities about their privacy, and now we are going to remove all these ambiguities, said Diane.

Gmail ads will continue to appear in free Gmail versions as prompted messages. But Google will stop scanning emails entirely, the ads can also be and will now be targeted with other user’s information Google has such as; search, Youtube and other.

In the past ads focusing on email scanning created lawsuits for the company and drew shrill criticism, but it gave more control to marketers to reach their customers effectively.

Diane Greene’s efforts to change ads policies in Google shows she has become fabled in Google to make strategic moves in the organization, she joined Google in late 2015, since then Google has invested in its Cloud unit and software tools to compete Microsoft and Amazon in a better way.

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Diane Greene informed about changes on Friday in blog post, Bloomberg reported. G Suite occupies more than 3 million paying companies and doubled its users between large businesses during the past years. Google’s cloud unit sales and revenue is not confirmed but its “other revenues” segment which includes cloud and software grew by 49%, $3.09 billion in the first quarter.