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Google To Add Price Tracking Feature In Chrome For Android

Price tracking is a handy way of keeping track of a product. There are now indications that Google will automatically make this tool available to a broad audience. The Canary version of Chrome for Android plans to track prices on tabs.

Google now wants to make price monitoring a permanent part of its browser. As 9to5Google writes, the latest Chrome for Android Canary update, v90, has a fairly simple price tracking function. Android Police refers to the flag “chrome: // flags / # enabled-tab-grid-layout”, but so far Google has not activated the function more broadly, but seems to be testing it on the Pixel model.

In principle, the functionality of price monitoring in Chrome is very simple. The function can monitor the price in an open tab; if the system detects a change here, an average is an output. As SmartDroid describes, Google integrates the function in the three-point menu in the tab overview. “Price monitoring” can be activated and deactivated here and the type of notification can be specified. For the time being, Google has only delivered the interface but has not yet stored it with a function.

Remnants of Google Shopping

Users of the shopping app, which Google canceled earlier this month and replaced with a web app, will probably be familiar with the Chrome function. This was found in a very similar form in the remote application. It can only be assumed that Google is purposefully engaged in functional recycling and found price monitoring to be important enough to transfer it to other projects.