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Google to launch Auto Ads using Artificial Intelligence AI

Automation is not new to Google, it has already automated ads running via AdSense technically but this time Google is going to launch Auto Ads using AI, and this means Google is taking Ads Automation to the next level using AI and Machine Learning.

The search engine giant has now officially launched Auto Ads, the new system which uses AI and Machine Learning in order to determine what ads you see and where they should be placed. This system will also determine itself how many ads should be placed on a single page and where exactly to place them e.g. header, sidebar, footer or in-content.

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This also creates worries among publishers and advertisers but Google assures that it would yield better results for all stakeholders because the system has the capability of learning over time and optimizing its mechanisms. For instance, if a banner ad is placed at the bottom above the footer by the publisher it may not get the desired results if it’s placed after the header. The new AI system would automatically decide the best placement of an Ad and optimize it accordingly; it can also change the position overtime by machine learning and changing users behavior according to Google.

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Google has been testing Auto Ads for long in a beta test where publishers collected 10 percent more revenue than normal AdSense revenue.

However, there were some controversies as well during the tests, the testers also complained about the ads flocking their pages, the AI system might serve fake ads on the pages as well along with the possibility of serving inappropriate or unethical promotions.

Besides small publishers with opportunity to reach wide audience, advertisers and publishers currently have concerns that AI and Machine Learning system cannot be entirely trusted, it could allow inappropriate content or misleading ads to get permanent and prominent placement, but if Google has the system that can make strong judgement calls this system would a win-win situation for publishers and advertisers equally.